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We Guarantee that all Patio Covers and Rain Gutters will be free from leaks, loose spikes, and loose screws. And that all parts and components will remain in tact for the lifetime of the material. Labor will be provided at no cost for repair and/or replacement of patio cover or rain gutter materials damaged by normal weather conditions or are found to be faulty as a result of our installation or the materials we installed.

Mr. Patio Cover & Rain Gutters has a long rich family heritage.

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Here at Mr. Patio Cover we specialize in the installation of new aluminum patio covers and seamless rain gutters. Our goal is to provide you with the best service, installation, products, and warranty in the business. At Mr. Patio Cover & Rain Gutters, customer care and craftsmanship come first. We're family owned and operated and we back our labor and products with our exclusive Mr. Patio Cover Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor. We are located in Corona, California but we also service the surrounding areas in the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

When it comes to installing aluminum patio covers, or seamless aluminum rain gutters, our customers have nothing but great things to say. Check out our many reviews.


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After getting several quotes from different companies for my new patio cover I decided on going with Mr. Patio Cover. They did a fantastic job! I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others out there looking to get a patio cover!

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Our patio covers aren’t just functional, providing shelter and shade, they also add elegance and style to your home. A practical and cost effective upgrade that allows you to enjoy your beautiful yard in comfort.


Choose from a variety of styles to match your home perfectly.

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All colors are a high quality baked on enamel finish. Guaranteed for a lifetime not to chip or flake.

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Servicing the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

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Choose from a variety of styles to match your home perfectly.

Solid Top Non-Insulated Patio Covers
Solid non-insulated patio covers are our most popular patio covers. They are inexpensive and they perform extremely well. They're a great way to add beauty and additional living space to your home. Solid patio covers come with a deep wood grain embossed finish and a complete rain gutter and downspout system. They also come with our exclusive Mr. Patio Cover Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor. Solid patio covers give you protection from rain and provide you with full shade as well. Solid patio covers protect your outdoor furniture, barbeques, and outdoor kitchens. They also cool your home, saving you on your energy costs. They can create a great place for your pets to stay dry and out of the sun. View in our Online Showroom.
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Open Lattice Patio Covers
An open lattice patio cover adds unique beauty to any home or outdoor living space, proving shade while allowing partial sun to shine through. You can select the amount of shade your lattice shade patio cover provides, from 60% to 40%. With Lattice patio covers, we can make any custom design, accommodating any outdoor living space. Lattice patio covers are sometimes referred to as pergolas or gazebos and are often made from wood. The lattice patio covers we build are crafted out of durable aluminum materials and come with our exclusive Mr. Patio Cover Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor. The durable material we use for lattice patio covers requires very little maintenance, and will not crack, warp, or split. They are also insect proof and will not require future re-painting. The result is that you will get a lattice patio cover that will be beautiful from the moment it is installed and remain that way for years to come. View in our Online Showroom.
Combination and Bi-Level Patio Covers
Combination and bi-level patio covers are considered to be semi custom. A combination patio cover combines a lattice patio cover and a solid patio cover providing complete protection from the elements to one area while the other has partial shade. A bi-level patio cover dramatically transforms your patio space. One area has a higher ceiling than another area, essentially making the patio cover look bigger and more attractive. View in our Online Showroom.
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Solid Top Insulated Patio Covers
Solid top insulated patio covers offer you the same benefits as non-insulated patio covers with a few added benefits. 90% of our customers purchase insulated patio covers because they are more sound deadening than non-insulated patio covers. Another great benefit is that you can walk on top of them. This makes it easier to clean your windows, paint and maintain any areas of your home above the patio cover. Also, on insulated patio covers the rain gutter system is a lot wider and deeper and is much easier to clean. Insulated patio covers come with an 8 inch wide plank design and are only available in white and cream. All our insulated patio covers come with our exclusive Mr. Patio Cover Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor. They're a great way to add value and beauty to your home. View in our Online Showroom.
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Free Standing Patio Covers
Free standing patio covers are very unique because you’re not limited to the design of the patio slab itself. You're essentially able to build the patio cover anywhere in the yard. We can make your freestanding patio cover a solid, lattice, or combination patio cover. View in our Online Showroom.
Columns and Custom Patio Covers
We can upgrade any patio cover with beautiful columns to give it a grandiose look and feel. Whether you prefer square, round or fluted aluminum, your custom columns will completely transform your outdoor living space. The columns we install are durable and add extra strength and support to your patio cover. We will typically install a double header beam to complete your upgraded design. When it comes to custom patio covers we can design and build anything you would like. The possibilities are endless. Our design professionals can help create and build the patio cover of your dreams! View in our Online Showroom.
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My patio cover turned out just the way I wanted it. Chuck and I went over the details and they nailed it. The workers did not interfere with our schedules and made sure the area was clean when they were done.

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All colors are a high quality baked on enamel finish. Guaranteed for a lifetime not to chip or flake.

California State Licensed and Bonded Contractor

Mr. Patio Cover & Rain Gutters has been constructing, installing, and repairing specialty aluminum patio covers since 2008. We're a California state licensed contractor (License #926009).

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Servicing the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

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